October 27, 2010


once you lied me.. i'll never trust you till the end..

I always remember you about this..
I know, you never do this right now.. but i scared about future..
I don't say what will happen to front.

For you, did you think about me right now??? you always in my mind.. 
1 Thing.. I still remember your advice or in other word 'bebel' hahaahha..
 By the way, I like your "BEBELAN".. know why??? You're taciturn.. so When you Start to open your mouth... I'm so excited to saw your sexy lips..hahahahhah

I'm joke dear..
but, 1 thing.. I didn't like when you start to jealous.. I'm not Pretty lady or CHUMEl gurl.. so, those no matter dear..

I know you love me very well.. But, that impossible sayang..
you know me right.. 
My celupar mouth..nobody like right.. except you.. the crazy guys.. 

i'm too much talk about you dear @ curse... "maafin Aku"... 
but... i really like to talk about you to everyone...
as you know you are the greatest guy that I know (padahal you jew laki yang i knal)... what ever is it... I never forget you till I found A RICHER GUY...hahahahaahaha

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