March 15, 2011

~ public Speaking competition~

Today.. I want to write my blog in English language. It is because..
About what been happened in this morning at my lovely collage. Open day in KKTM PJ…
 today more fun from yesterday..
 it is because..
many visitor came to this collage..
Even though my collage so too big.. And not to small…
but I proud to be the KKTM PJ student..
What happened???
The great part on the open day it was public speaking…
 good competition..
 we have 3 participants from other collage..
it was.. Germany-Malaysian institute, kolej professional MARA, Beranang and the last, KKTM Beranang…
All the participants was so awesome..
 and I like all of them..
Mohd NaQif asyraf from KKTM Beranang, Erika Quah From GMI, Nur Aidilia Amir Hamzah From KPM Beranang ang last our speaker, Mohd Fairuz from our collage, KKTM PJ….
The great moment to all of them.
Actually. It was the 1st time experience to all of the participants..
good job guys…
well very done…
keep it up…
from left: Mohd Naqif Asyraf, Aidilia Amir Hamzah, Mohd Fairuz, Erika Quah

before result announcce

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